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Obamanomics: Broadband Networks for “Alabama’s Africa”

$59 million dollars for broadband internet in the Alabama Black Belt

Camden, AL

“Gee’s Bend represents not merely a geographic configuration drawn by the yellow pencil of the river. Gee’s Bend represents another civilization.

Gee’s Bend is an Alabama Africa. There is no more concentrated and racially exclusive Negro population in any rural community in the South than in Gee’s Bend.”

– Reverend Renwick Kennedy, Christian Century, 1937

While I was at the gym this evening, I was watching FOX News on a treadmill when Mike Huckabee said something that caught my attention.

According to Huckabee, the Obama administration was spending millions of dollars in federal stimulus money to create broadband computer networks in Southwest Alabama. I found this strange because to the best of my knowledge no one in Mobile and Baldwin counties has any problem getting broadband internet service.

Why would the federal government need to spend stimulus money to create broadband networks in the Mobile metropolitan area? It didn’t make any sense until I got home, remembered this is Black Run America (BRA), and started attacking the problem with search engines.

It turns out that the Obama administration has given $59 million dollars in federal stimulus money to Trillion Communications Corp. to build broadband networks in Lowndes, Escambia, Wilcox, Butler, Dallas, Crenshaw, Conecuh, and Macon Counties.

Macon County is included on the list of broadband stimulus counties even though Tuskegee, site of the famously closed Tuskegee Walmart, is located between Montgomery and Auburn in East Alabama.

These other counties are mostly the sparsely populated Black Belt counties in West Alabama between Mobile and Montgomery. When I drove through that area on I-65, I noticed that the Verizon service was sporadic and that I was having trouble getting on Facebook.

Interestingly enough, Wilcox County is included on that list, which is the home of Gee’s Bend, Alabama, which like Tuskegee, is the closest thing to a rural African village in the United States.

Gee’s Bend has a long history of being a target of Northern philanthropy and state and federal welfare spending designed to uplift noble savages African-Americans. During the Great Depression, the federal government bought the Pettway plantation and sold it in parcels at a third of its cost to black sharecroppers

The town is closely associated with the Civil Rights Movement. Its quilts have been featured in the Smithsonian as “masterpieces” of African-American art.

In 2000, J.R. Moehhringer of the Los Angeles Times won the Pulitzer Prize with a feel good story about the Gee’s Bend ferry and the Civil Rights Movement, which was widely heralded by DWLs in the media.

During the 1960s, Camden shutdown the ferry service to Gee’s Bend to stop African-Americans from registering to vote at the Wilcox County courthouse. In 1965, Martin Luther King led a long forgotten march on Camden as part of his crusade for the Voting Rights Act.

In 2006, the Alabama state government spent nearly $2 million dollars to build a ferry-to-nowhere between Gee’s Bend (pop. 700) and Camden (pop. 2,200) to service the handful of African-Americans still living there who are inconvenienced by the racist geography of the Alabama River.

It struck me as such a huge waste of money at the time, a politically correct boondoggle, that I personally drove there, snapped photos, watched the sunset at the empty ferry, and rode through Gee’s Bend to see “Africa in Alabama” with my own eyes.

That was one of the first stories I ever blogged about. The Gee’s Bend ferry inspired me to start writing about racial issues in Alabama.

Now Gee’s Bend and Wilcox County are back in the news: as the recipient of an even bigger taxpayer subsidized ripoff which Barack Hussein Obama sold to the American public as his plan to “revive” the flagging American economy.

In May, we learned that the Obama administration was using federal stimulus money to create a twenty first century “information economy” by building broadband networks in Detroit where over 50 percent of the population is illiterate.

It turns out that Obama’s plan to “Win The Future” includes robbing White taxpayers to build more of these broadband networks for African-Americans in Tuskegee and Gee’s Bend.

This is nothing more than a kickback to his own Democratic supporters: Obama carried Macon County and Wilcox County with 86.9 percent and 71 percent of the vote respectively.

There is no plausible economic rationale for building broadband networks in Gee’s Bend. In 2009, 50 percent of blacks in Wilcox County were on EBT cards, and in 2008, gas prices were pushing African-Americans in Wilcox County back to using horses for transportation.

It is revealing that Booker T. Washington’s black entrepreneurs have completely failed to build their own Gee’s Bend ferry or to bring broadband internet to the black scientists we were unable to find working on Obama’s “Sputnik Moment” in Tuskegee. The government is required to step into the vacuum.

I’ve saved the best part for last:

Trillion Communications Corp, which received the $59 million dollar stimulus fund grant, is described as “the largest black-owned high-end telecommunications equipment distributor and installer.” It has an African-American CEO and an African-American Chairman of the Board.

The “stimulus package” is a myth.

No one who is seriously trying to “stimulate” the American economy would start by building “green homes” for welfare queens in Flint, Michigan, or broadband networks in the Alabama Black Belt, or high speed trains to service the ghettos of Birmingham and Detroit.

The Orwellian sounding “American Investment and Recovery Act” was a massive reparations bill that contained all sorts of shiny presents from the Black Santa Claus, Barack Hussein Obama, which were disguised in the rhetoric of “stimulus relief” and “green jobs.” Currently, we don’t even know 1 percent of the racial fraud and corruption that was included in the so-called “stimulus package.”

If you are wondering why Barack Hussein Obama failed to revive the American economy, look no further than squandering millions of dollars to build broadband networks in Gee’s Bend and Tuskegee, while calling it “The American Investment and Recovery Act.”

It might be “Twilight in America” for White people, but it has been “Christmas in America” for African-Americans under Obama, even if the artificially engineered black middle class is collapsing on his watch.

The economic rot that pervades Black Run America is worse than we ever thought. In Wilcox County, the Obama administration is spending $349,000 per home to bring broadband internet access to rural backwaters like Gee’s Bend, which are sustained only by EBT cards.

Why are the heavens waiting again?

Note: In the video below, you can watch John McCain and BRA’s Straight Talk Express taking a ride on the Gee’s Bend ferry-to-nowhere, which is quite a remarkable improvement over the original wire pulled ferry which capsized in the 1960s, seen in the photo and caption above.

Hopefully, you can now see why Martin Luther King described himself as a “democratic socialist” and why W.E.B. DuBois died a communist in Ghana. Obama’s views on communism are also said to be “evolving.”


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