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Birmingham’s Decline

The sad and unnecessary decline of "The Magic City"

Birmingham, AL

Some new milestones in the long term decline of “The Magic City”:

(1) As the Birmingham Barons plan to relocate from Hoover to downtown Birmingham, fewer fans will be showing up in the stands because, you know, it is not worth the risk of getting robbed, assaulted, or murdered to see a baseball game.

According to Crime in Alabama, 2010, African-Americans are responsible for 77 percent of robbery, 55 percent of aggravated assault, 59 percent of burglary, 62 percent of homicide, 55 percent of rape, and 91.5 percent of interracial rape in Alabama.

You won’t find that in The Birmingham News.

(2) Mayor William Bell and the Birmingham City Council spend their time pardoning “civil rights activists” from the 1960s. This is the local version of what goes on in New York, which recently passed “gay marriage,” and California, which recently passed a law requiring “gay history” to be taught in public schools.

Like Birmingham, New York and California are bankrupt. Also like Birmingham, New York and California claim that illegal aliens are essential to our “economic vitality” in Alabama.

(3) The 2010 Census shows that 30,583 residents have left Birmingham. By 2012, Montgomery could surpass Birmingham to become the biggest city in Alabama. There is a slight civic advantage in not having to put up with thirty years of black city government.

Moral of the story: the business owners who thought they could strike a deal with the civil rights agitators of the 1960s and somehow compete with Atlanta made the biggest mistake in the history of civilization in Alabama.

340,887 people lived in Birmingham in 1960. After the “Civil Rights Movement,” 212,237 people live there today. Way to go, city fathers.

Surrender was good for business, right?


One Response

  1. hah….well….just get rid of everybody but conservative white people….then the world will be a better and more pure place.

    pun intended.

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